Leaks threaten 1 out of 5 Spanish homes: waterproofing emerges as a crucial solution for structural durability and efficiency

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Las filtraciones amenazan 1 de cada 5 hogares españoles
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Dampness and leaks in the housing stock in Spain are not simply a superficial problem, but a latent threat that undermines the integrity of homes and the well-being of their inhabitants.

The report ‘Population living in homes with certain deficiencies in housing’ by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), which collects data from 2020, reveals a worrying reality: 19.7% of the Spanish population lives with deficiencies such as leaks, dampness in walls, floors, ceilings or foundations, as well as rotting floors, window frames or doors. These conditions do not only affect the structure of the building, but also the quality of life of its inhabitants, and can generate unhealthy conditions and other risks. At a national level, Ceuta, the Canary Islands and the Region of Murcia have the highest values with 35%, 33.1% and 26.3% respectively, while the average for the European Union is 14.8%.

Eagle Group: innovation and excellence in waterproofing

In response to this troubling situation, the British Eagle Group offers effective solutions that highlight its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of waterproofing. ‘We have high quality systems on the Spanish market, but products with a short service life are still being applied. As homeowners, we should demand guarantees of at least 10 years, and avoid short-term solutions. At Eagle Group we develop technical products that facilitate on-site application, such as ULTRAFLEX®, a technological advance in liquid waterproofing, which facilitates monitoring and control of the work by technicians and architects‘, says Gemma Mogas, Partner and General Manager of Eagle Waterproofing Ibérica, a subsidiary of Eagle Group.

Mogas recognizes the need for the construction industry to adopt value-added systems such as those offered by Eagle Group, ‘with less complex and more efficient installation. The application of technical products that simplify on-site installation and avoid errors during installation is crucial to prevent water leaks and protect roofs and building structures against possible damages’.

Liquid waterproofing system

The ULTRAFLEX® system is a liquid polyurethane membrane certified for a service life of more than 25 years. Fully trafficable even for vehicles, ULTRAFLEX® is suitable for new construction and renovation, and compatible with all kinds of roofs and substrates (ceramic, tile, wood, metal, concrete, PVC, bituminous membranes, synthetic membranes, etc.). With European Technical Assessment (ETE) and British Board of Agreement (BBA) certifications supporting its durability and suitability for green roofs, ULTRAFLEX® has been approved by the NHBC (National House Building Council), ensuring its quality and performance. The Cahier des Charges will soon be available for the French market.

Eagle Group and its ULTRAFLEX® system represent excellence in the waterproofing industry, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to innovation and efficiency in modern construction. Innovation is reflected in a more efficient, faster and safer installation.

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innovación sostenible en impermeabilización de cubiertas

CoolTop, sustainable innovation in roof waterproofing

In a world where innovation and sustainability are fundamental pillars for progress, companies like Eagle Group stand out as true leaders in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of high-quality yet cost-efficient waterproofing systems. Among their most prominent solutions is the revolutionary CoolTop, a white reflective coating for roofs that

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