Ultraflex Matting

Fibreglass Matting

ULTRAFLEX® MATTING is a fibreglass mesh specifically designed as a structural reinforcement for ULTRAFLEX® polyurethane membranes.

When the resins used to link the fibres are activated, they form a completely reinforced monolithic membrane that is 100% bonded to the surface.

ULTRAFLEX® MATTING is easy to apply and handle. Its thickness and dimensions allow for rapid placement on large surfaces, contours and trims, ensuring a correct membrane thickness.


Especially designed for combined use with ULTRAFLEX® liquid polyurethane membranes.

  • Ideal for new construction projects and restoration work.
  • For all types of surface, structures, trims and individual features that may be complicated and/or hard to access.
UltraFlex Matting




Fibreglass matting.
Thickness: 225 g/m2.
Colour: White.
Format: Rolls of 1 × 60 m and 1 × 20 m


  • Can be used with the ULTRAFLEX® wet-on-wet application system, thus eliminating any waiting between coats and reducing the overall application time.
  • Ensures the product is applied correctly and guarantees a perfect membrane thickness.
  •  The multidirectional cross-linking of the fibres provides greater resistance to stress in every direction and therefore increases the system’s tensile strength.
  • Helps offset any defects introduced when preparing the support surface.
  • Facilitates crack bridging and minimises any unevenness on the support surface, reinforcing the system against possible ruptures.


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