UltraFlex PW

Liquid Polyurethane Membrane
Aromatic Bicomponent, Thixotropic.

UltraFlex PW is a two component thixotropic, solvent free (100% solids), aromatic

Liquid polyurethane membrane suitable for permanent contact with water for human consumption.

Once catalyzed, forms a continuous elastic membrane with no seams or overlaps. Its excellent properties make it the ideal choice to create perfectly sealed and watertight surfaces in constant contact with drinking water.

Applied manually with a roller or brush. UltraFlex PW has obtained the CE mark. Declaration of performance (DoP) in accordance with regulations (EU) 305/2011. Suitable for use in cases of permanent contact with water intended for human consumption.

Material approved by WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme) according to British standard BS-6920 “Suitability of non-metallic materials and products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption regarding its effect on water quality ”, NSF International Laboratories.

Material in accordance with the requirements established in Royal Decree RD140 / 2003 and its modifications included in RD902 / 2018. Report No. 1246036-2 (09/01/2021). Tested according to standard EN-12873 “Influence of materials on water intended for human consumption. Influence by migration ”.

Membrana líquida de poliuretano aromático bicomponente

General Characteristics

– Once applied, UltraFlex PW forms a durable, elastic and watertight membrane with high wear resistance and great stability. No joints or overlaps providing a uniform and continuous finish that facilitates optimal cleaning and maintenance.

– Application in layers of approximately 0.8 to 1 mm, to achieve a total thickness of 2mm (consumption between 2 and 2.5 Kg / m2). Due to its thixotropy characteristics, it is suitable and easy to apply on vertical surfaces.

– It can be assembled in singular points and encounters with other construction elements.

– Keep the membrane protected from sunlight.

– Avoid its application on substrates with the presence of humidity due to negative pressure, either at the time of application or later. If that’s the case, apply a barrier system first.

Data of interest

Packagink: 12.2 Kg + 2.8 Kg kits in metal container. White color.

Shelf life: 12 months, stored in its original unopened packaging, in a dry place and at a temperature of 5ºC to 35ºC.

Transportation and Handling: These safety recommendations are necessary for the implementation processes, as well as the before and after, or on display during the loading of the equipment.
Skin protection: wear gloves and clean immediately after contamination. Wear clean clothing that covers your body. Wash well with soap and water after use and before drinking, eating, or smoking. Clothing that has become contaminated should be dry cleaned.
Eyes / face: wear safety glasses to avoid splashing.
Waste: The generation of waste should be avoided as much as possible. Incinerate under controlled conditions in accordance with local and national laws and regulations.
Consult existing product safety data sheets for more information.


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