Energy Efficiency.
Reflecting a Commitment

CoolTop is undoubtedly a reflection of one’s commitment to sustainability. CoolTop reflects a high percentage of solar radiation, preventing the absorption and, therefore, accumulation of structural heat:

CoolTop is a white, reflective, two-component coating designed for application to building roofs. Rooftops typically feature dark-coloured materials that absorb a lot of heat, which increases the temperature of the entire building structure. CoolTop white reflects the solar radiation it receives and creates a thermal barrier, so the building accumulates very little heat.

This phenomenon is explained by:

Reflectivity and Emissivity.

Advantages of CoolTop white:

· Reduced thermal load (temperature of roof).
· Energy savings of 20–50%.
· Protects the building structure.
· Extends the waterproofing system’s lifetime.
· Improves the performance of rooftop service equipment. · Increases the efficiency of solar panels.
· Universal solution: can be applied to most surfaces: asphalt roofing felt, asbestos, polyu- rethane membrane, metal sheets, plastic, tiles, slate, etc…Can also be applied to ventilation, heating and cooling ducts.
· Heat island effect: Once CoolTop has been applied to a group of adjacent buildings, it creates an area whose thermal characteristics differ from the rest of the urban centre.

· Surface preparation: Clean, renovate and repair, then apply UltraPrime CT primer.
· Apply CoolTop with a roller or airless sprayer.

Cooltop Efficience énergétique




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