Elastomeric liquid
waterproofing membrane

Double Coat Pro-Reflect is an elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane, reinforced with microfibres and a high aluminium content.

Ideal for waterproofing most surfaces that are typically found on roofs, including galvanised steel, zinc plates, asbestos, cement, asphalt felt, asphalt, bitumen sheets. Suitable for protecting exposed metal structures such as storage tanks, pipes and facings against corrosion. Highly recommended for industrial facilities and warehouses.


  •    Waterproofing with UV-resistance of roofs that consist of different materials.
  •    Corrosion protection for metal structures exposed to the weather.




TDS Double Coat Pro-Reflect


  • The support surface must be clean, dry and free from dust and loose debris.
  • Recently applied coatings must be exposed to the weather for 2 weeks before applying Double Coat Pro-Reflect.
  • All traces of fungal and algal growth must be removed with a stiff-bristled brush or low-pressure waterjet.
  • After removing all the algae and fungi, treat the surface with a fungicide. Storage.
  • All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust and loose debris. Freshly applied coatings should be allowed to weather for 2 weeks prior to the application of Double Coat. All traces of fungi and algae growth should be removed using a stiff bristled brush or low pressure water jet. Where algae and fungi have been removed, the surface should be treated with a fungicidal wash.
  • Stir the container thoroughly before use to ensure that no deposits are left at the bottom of the container. Double Coat may be applied by brush or sprayed. Do not apply in wet weather or when rain is threatened, or when poor drying conditions exists. As a protective measure on most well prepared surfaces which are in sound conditions, one layer of Double Coat is normally adequate.
  • The rate of application is between 1 -2 square meters per litre per coat, depending on the conditions of the surface. Do not coat windows, roof lights, glass or translucent sheets as they will constitute a hidden hazard.
  • Drying time is around 1- 2 hours, in most of weather conditions.


  • 25Ltrs single pack. 5 Lts also available on request


  • Shelf life of 12 months in tightly sealed containers when stored in cool, dry conditions. Care must be taken to ensure that the material is stirred thoroughly when left unused for several months. It is important to ensure that the material does not become contaminated with water, particularly, partially used containers.

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  • On new developments, DoubleCoat Pro-Reflect can be installed on its own or in combination with a carrier membrane which achieve up to 25 years guarantee, due to its tough polyester reinforcement and UV protection. The system can be installed in one day providing a fast solution for the contractor and a long-lasting waterproofing system for the building owner.
  • Any damage caused to the roof can be easily repaired with DoubleCoat Pro-Reflect.
  • Energy Saving. DoubleCoat Pro-Reflect has a high reflection capacity to provide owners and building developers an energy saving around 30% on electricity bill.
  • Resistant to chemical attack. DoubleCoat Pro-Reflect has been used in high aggressive environments such as chemical and dairy factories proving a high resistance to acid rain and chemical attack.
  • Metal pipe and tanks corrosion protection and waterproofing.
  • Wide Range of guarantees available from 10 to 25 years. Exceeds ASTM D2824
  • Single Pack Product.
  • Self-reinforced. Double Coat Pro-Reflect contains micro-fibres that act as a carrier and reduces the application time due to the necessity to apply many coats with a reinforcement embedded.
  • Permanently Elastomeric. Cold Applied and one layer application. Bridges small holes, cracks and splits.


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