Eagle Group establishes itself as a leader in sustainable urban solutions for stormwater management

Eagle Group Waterproofing

Eagle Group Waterproofing

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In a context where urban development has reduced natural drainage areas, green roofs and water storage systems are positioned as essential to prevent flooding and optimize water management in densely built cities.

The predominance of surfaces like concrete and asphalt in urban environments, at the expense of green spaces, increases the risk of flooding during storms and forces our society to take a step forward and seek innovative solutions such as sustainable roofs and storm tanks, a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) that is revolutionizing stormwater management.

Green roofs, known for their ability to reduce energy demand and mitigate pollutant emissions, along with cistern roofs or ‘Blue Roofs’ that store and manage rainwater, are gaining popularity in commercial, office, and residential buildings.

Meanwhile, modular storm tanks allow for efficient water retention, optimizing the use of urban space.

Eagle Group: cutting-edge waterproofing solutions

innovative solutions that effectively address these issues.

UltraFlex®: innovation in liquid waterproofing

effectiveness of these solutions largely depends on proper and long-term waterproofing. This is where the high-performance waterproofing system ULTRAFLEX® comes into play, a liquid polyurethane membrane that offers a versatile and durable solution. “With its wet-on-wet application system (no waiting between coats) and compatibility with all types of roofs and supports, Ultraflex® provides an effective barrier against water infiltration, ensuring the structural and functional integrity of urban green spaces,” says Gemma Mogas, Partner and General Manager of Eagle Waterproofing Ibérica, a subsidiary of Eagle Group.

With European Technical Assessment (ETA) and British Board of Agreement (BBA) certifications, UltraFlex® guarantees a service life of over 25 years and is suitable for green roofs. It also has NHBC approval, ensuring its performance and reliability in both new construction and renovation.

UltraFlex PW (Potable Water): waterproofing for drinking water

For managing storm tanks intended for potable water storage, Eagle Waterproofing presents UltraFlex PW. This two-component aromatic polyurethane liquid membrane, which is 100% solid, is suitable for permanent contact with water for human consumption. “With manual application, by roller, and in just 2 coats, Ultraflex PW effectively and easily creates a continuous elastic membrane, without joints or overlaps, ideal for tanks, reservoirs, and potable water channels,” says Mogas.  

Eagle Group keeps leading the market with innovative and sustainable waterproofing solutions, adapting to growing urban demands and significantly contributing to the proper management of stormwater. With products like UltraFlex and UltraFlex PW, the British group reaffirms its commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

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Eagle Waterproofing at REBUILD 2024

Countdown begins! On the 19th, 20th and 21st of March, you can find us at #Rebuild (IFEMA MADRID). 📍 Visit our booth 7G777 and take the opportunity to see live demos on the application of our flagship products! Want to get an invite? Fill out the form on our