Anti-slip system

Ultraflex Grip is an anti-slip system based on plastic microparticles for surface texturing.

The Ultraflex Grip microspheres allow the creation of single coat non-slip treatments, avoiding unnecessary waiting times. Designed to be used in combination with Ultratop and Clearcoat aliphatic polyurethane resins.

Ultraflex Grip is indicated for all types of walkable areas that require a non-slip finish: pedestrian walkways, stairs, ramps, etc.

Ultraflex Grip allows maximum speed in the execution of non-slip systems thanks to its direct roller application from the can. Combined with ULTRATOP, we achieve a high level of roughness and great resistance to mechanical abrasion. Applied in the finishing of our waterproofing and flooring systems.

ULTRAFLEX GRIP, maximum speed in anti-slip systems for roofs



  • Use Ultraflex Grip in a ratio of 5 to 8% of the aliphatic content to be textured.
  • The container of 350 gr. is intended to be used in a 1:1 mixing ratio with the 5-liter Ultratop / Clearcoat containers. That being the case, empty a can of Ultraflex Grip 350 gr. and mix it manually or with a low revolutions’ mechanical stirrer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Repeat the same process in case of long delay between mixing and application.

General Characteristics

  • The nature and texture degree depends on the thickness or the final need.
  • If you need a non-slip surface on a floor that requires maintaining the original aesthetics, mix Ultraflex Grip with Clearcoat aliphatic polyurethane resin. You will be able to adjust the brightness of the application.
  • This allows adaptation to specific application needs, visual and functional properties. Slipperiness (ENV 12633: 2003 Annex A). The kit consisting of Ultraflex + Ultratop + Ultraflex GRIP (8%), shows Rd = 50. According to EN 13893: NPA.

Ultraflex Grip C:
Available in cans of 350 gr. (for 5 kg cans of aliphatic) and 2 kg.

Ultraflex Grip F:
2 kg. cans.


  • 24 months stored at 5 – 35C in dry locations.


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