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Have a look at the following selection of videos with tips and tricks to apply your liquid waterproofing projects of roofs, terraces, balconies, channels, drains…

Eagle Waterproofing’s will is to help professionals to apply our products quicker and in an efficient way. This video tutorials are specially designed to help technical applicators to solve any doubts in a simple way.

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What is Ultraflex?

How to apply Ultraflex?

How is the ULTRAFLEX waterproofing system applied?

How do we eliminate creases in the Ultraflex mesh?

How do we waterproof a corner?

How do we use the straight side of the mesh? (corners)

How to make a patch in a corner?

The importance of preparing the ULTRAFLEX mesh correctly.

How do we overlap with Ultraflex?

How to waterproof a pipe?

ULTRAFLEX Waterproofing System: Adhesion on PVC

How do we work the details on a cover?


How to apply Aquapol Emergency Repair?

UltraFlex Grip



How to use TIXAL? (1)

How to use TIXAL? (2)

How to use TIXAL? (3)


Instantly fixing a leak

Instantly fixing a leak with Aquapol

Fixing a leak with Aquapol is really quite simple: it covers the crack easily and it can be applied in the rain. Aquapol is an instant waterproof coating made with wax and reinforced with fibres that provides



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