Eagle Group: innovation and excellence in waterproofing

Eagle Group Waterproofing

Eagle Group Waterproofing

innovación y excelencia en impermeabilización
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In the dynamic world of construction and engineering, waterproofing plays a crucial role in the durability and efficiency of structures.

In this context, the Eagle Group stands out as an innovative benchmark in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality, cost-efficient waterproofing systems. Specializing in advanced systems, the British group has a significant international presence, and collaborates with clients and distributors in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia.

From Eagle’s subsidiary in Barcelona, Gemma Mogas manages the marketing of the liquid waterproofing product range in Spain and international markets. Eagle Waterproofing develops, manufactures and markets high-end waterproofing systems and is a pioneer in the development of systems that enable a more efficient on-site installation.

ULTRAFLEX®: a technological breakthrough in liquid waterproofing

Within Eagle Group’s product portfolio, Eagle Group, ULTRAFLEX® emerges as a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of moisture-reactive liquid waterproofing, suitable for new construction and renovation.

This single-component, cold-applied liquid polyurethane membrane stands out for its ease of installation and its 2-layer wet-on-wet application system, eliminating waiting times between coats, the need for prior priming or the use of additives, which complicate the installation process.

“The versatility of ULTRAFLEX® is clear in its ability to adapt to a variety of roofs, whether flat, sloped, inverted or green roof. In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of substrates, such as concrete, ceramic, tile, brick, OSB, wood, bituminous or synthetic membranes, metal and PVC, among others. This product does not only guarantee a durable and high-quality waterproofing, it resists pedestrian and heavy traffic, and allows, multiple finishes and paving”, says Gemma Mogas, Partner and General Manager of Eagle Waterproofing Ibérica, a subsidiary of the Eagle Group.

The advantages of ULTRAFLEX® are truly remarkable. With the elimination of primer, efficient application thanks to the wet-on-wet system, immediate resistance to rain, and the absence of waste, this system demonstrates its efficiency and profitability. In addition, it has European Technical Assessment (ETE) and British Board of Agreement (BBA) certifications, supporting its useful life in excess of 25 years and its suitability for green roofs. It has also been approved by the NHBC.

Eagle Group and the ULTRAFLEX® high-performance liquid waterproofing system do not only represent excellence in the waterproofing industry, but are also a testament to the continued commitment to innovation and efficiency in modern construction.

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innovación sostenible en impermeabilización de cubiertas

CoolTop, sustainable innovation in roof waterproofing

In a world where innovation and sustainability are fundamental pillars for progress, companies like Eagle Group stand out as true leaders in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of high-quality yet cost-efficient waterproofing systems. Among their most prominent solutions is the revolutionary CoolTop, a white reflective coating for roofs that

Rebuild Eagle Waterproofing impermeabilización liquida de última generación

Eagle Waterproofing at REBUILD 2024

Countdown begins! On the 19th, 20th and 21st of March, you can find us at #Rebuild (IFEMA MADRID). 📍 Visit our booth 7G777 and take the opportunity to see live demos on the application of our flagship products! Want to get an invite? Fill out the form on our