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Aquapol Eaglewib



  • The state and preparation of the support surface is extremely important and can influence the coating’s degree of adhesion and useful life.
  •    Make sure the surfaces are structurally sound, clean, free from dust, loose debris, algae, general dirt and standing water.
  •    Repair any cracks, dents and abrasions.
  •    Fill any holes and imperfections with a bitumen mastic.
  •    Affix any loose sheets of asphalt felt with an adhesive. If blisters are noted, we recommend cutting, drying, rejoining and sealing.
  •    Do not use on sheets of extruded polystyrene (XPS) or PVC, nor in areas where that are likely to come into contact with solvents or oils.
  •    Combine with ULTRAFLEX® Matting when repairing large cracks.

Coverage: 1–2 kg per m2.
Cleaning: Clean tools and equipment with white spirits.


Red    Dark Grey


  • Ensure product is stirred thoroughly
    before use.
  • Apply by brush straight from container in
    a single uniform application rate of 1-2 kg
    per m2.
  • In extreme cases a second coat may be
    applied 2-3 days after initial application.


  • Storage:
    Store unopened in the original packaging and in a cool, dry place at 5–25 °C. Protect from direct sunlight and sources of ignition.
    Protect from freezing.
  • Shelf Life
    Storage life 12 months in tightly sealed undamaged containers
  • Important
    Contains a flammable solvent, and all normal precautions against fire must be taken during both storage and use. Keep away from sources of ignition.


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