ULTRAFLEX, the polyurethane liquid membrane, also in PassiveHaus Plus

Eagle Group Waterproofing

Eagle Group Waterproofing

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The Ultraflex system, developed by the Eagle Group, has been specially designed to withstand the contractions and expansions of wooden constructions. For this reason, Ultraflex is the ideal ally for the waterproofing of roofs in wooden PassivHaus buildings.

Collaboration with the proyecto LILU’s House

Today we are celebrating that just one year ago we collaborated with House Habitat in the construction of Lilu’s House: The first building with a Passivhaus Plus certificate in Catalonia made with wood.

A model in ecological construction, energy efficiency and health protection that opted for the Ultraflex liquid waterproofing system to waterproof the paved the terrace of the house, of about 25 m2. Which in turn acts as a porch for the rest area on the main façade of the house.

Additionally, UltraFlex was applied as a reinforcing waterproofing system at areas of detail. As well as Aquapol, an instant wax-based and fiber-reinforced waterproof coating that, with a single application, provides a resistant and flexible continuous membrane for immediate and long-term protection of industrial and domestic roofs. And Ultraflex Sealant, our sealing adhesive, specially formulated to be used with the ULTRAFLEX polyurethane membrane for fixing objects on roofs and for sealing cracks and joints.

The Ultraflex liquid polyurethane membrane is at the forefront of waterproofing systems with ETE (European Technical Assessment), BBA (British Board of Agreement) and NHBC (National House Building Council) certifications. All of them for a life in excess of 25 years (W3) and green roof. Approved for both new construction and existing buildings.

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