Ultraflex PW to waterproof drinking water tanks

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waterproof drinking water tanks
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Suitable for constant contact with water for human consumption and ideal to waterproof drinking water tanks.

It creates perfectly sealed and watertight surfaces in constant contact with drinking water.

Introducing the Ultraflex PW system to waterproof drinking water tanks. This is a waterproofing system that creates perfectly sealed and watertight surfaces that are in constant contact with drinking water. Ultraflex PW is a two-component aromatic polyurethane liquid membrane with thixotropic characteristics. It is solvent-free and made with 100% solids. Once catalysed, it forms a strong continuous elastic membrane, without seams or overlaps. Ultraflex PW is the perfect solution to waterproof ponds, pools, tanks or water reservoirs in constant contact with water for human consumption.

Ultraflex PW is white in colour and is sold in kits of 12.2 kg + 2.8 kg in metal tins.

It has been tested according to standard EN-12873 “Influence of materials on water intended for human consumption – Influence due to migration”. ULTRAFLEX PW complies with WRAS, the quality stamp that ensures compliance with the highest standards set by the 1999 water regulations in the UK. It is also a material that fulfils the requirements established in Royal Decree 140/2003, report number 1246036-2 (1/09/2021).

Furthermore, ULTRAFLEX PW complies with Royal Decree 140/2003 and its modifications included in Royal Decree 902/2018 of the Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo y Bienestar Social (Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Care), which set the sanitary criteria for the quality of water for human consumption.

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