•   Apply at an ambient temperature of 2–35 °C.
  •    Ensure that the treated surface is clean and dry.
  •    Finishing edges (lips, trims) must be attached to the substrate before applying ULTRAFLEX®.
  •    ULTRAFLEX® is designed for direct finishing.


  1.    Mix well before use.
  2.    Apply ULTRAFLEX® directly from the tin onto the surface to be treated using a solvent-resistant roller.
  3.    Apply the first coat of ULTRAFLEX®.
  4.    Then place the ULTRAFLEX® Matting, positioning it with the aid of a roller.
  5.    Finally, apply the second coat of ULTRAFLEX® and make sure the matting is completely saturated.
Colors: Copper Brown | Traffic Grey

All Advantages

  • Ready to use straight from the tin with a solvent-resistant roller.
  •  The two-coat wet-on-wet application system with ULTRAFLEX® Matting makes for quick, straightforward treatment.
  • It can even be applied all year round, thanks to its moisture-curing technology. Fully walkable.
  • Can be employed with multiple finishings.
  • Immediately rainproof.
  • Produces a continuous, waterproof membrane with a complete seal that adheres to the surface. Totally seamless.
  • Freshly poured concrete must be allowed to dry for 28 days before applying ULTRAFLEX®.
  • Excellent adherence to a range of surfaces: concrete, ceramic, PVC, brick, wood, metals, bitumen membranes, and so on.
  • EPDM rubber and TPO surfaces should be pretested for compatibility by applying a test patch.
  • Do not use silicones. Always use polyurethane or MS polymer putties (ULTRAFLEX® A&S).


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