Great turnouts to our ULTRAFLEX® and Aquapol technical workshops in Galicia

Eagle Group Waterproofing

Eagle Group Waterproofing

Jornadas eagle ultraflex en galicia

Thanks to our distributors for their warm welcome! The technical workshops in which we presented our ULTRAFLEX® and Aquapol liquid waterproofing products were a great success. Under the rain clouds of Galicia, our product range demonstrated that it is unrivalled when it comes to dealing with extremely wet conditions.

The new concept in waterproofing has just landed in Galicia – polyurethane liquid membranes with moisture-reactive technology, certified for a useful life of over 25 years and use in roof gardens exposed to severe weather conditions (W3).

We can finally cope with humidity using certified systems that are easy to install and cost-efficient.

ULTRAFLEX, the polyurethane liquid membrane, also in PassiveHaus Plus

The Ultraflex system, developed by the Eagle Group, has been specially designed to withstand the contractions and expansions of wooden constructions. For this reason, Ultraflex is the ideal ally for the waterproofing of roofs in wooden PassivHaus buildings. Collaboration with the proyecto LILU’s House Today we are celebrating that

Instantly fixing a leak

Instantly fixing a leak with Aquapol

Fixing a leak with Aquapol is really quite simple: it covers the crack easily and it can be applied in the rain. Aquapol is an instant waterproof coating made with wax and reinforced with fibres that provides a tough, flexible and seamless membrane in one single application. Its characteristics