Elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane

DUAL FUNCTION is an elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane reinforced with microfibres and a high aluminium content.

Ideal for waterproofing most surfaces that are typically found on roofs, including galvanised steel, zinc plates, asbestos, cement, asphalt felt, asphalt, bitumen sheets. Suitable for protecting exposed metal structures such as storage tanks, pipes and facings against corrosion. Highly recommended for industrial facilities and warehouses.


  •    Waterproofing with UV-resistance of roofs that consist of different materials.
  •    Corrosion protection for metal structures exposed to the weather.




TDS Dual Function


  • The support surface must be clean, dry and free from dust and loose debris.
  • Recently applied coatings must be exposed to the weather for 2 weeks before applying DUAL FUNCTION.
  • All traces of fungal and algal growth must be removed with a stiff-bristled brush or low-pressure waterjet.
  • After removing all the algae and fungi, treat the surface with a fungicide. Storage

Colour endings:

RAL: Silver

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