Instant Waterproof

AQUAPOL withstands pounding rainwater and acts immediately to produce an instant waterproof membrane. Can even be applied in damp weather or during precipitation.

AQUAPOL is an affordable, immediate and effective solution for emergency roof repairs. Ideal for all types of support surface: concrete, fibre cement, metal, asphalt felt, putty, preexisting bitumen coatings and asphalt, lead, slate, tiles and brick; plastic and/or metal waterproof gutters, rigid PVC, downpipes, drains, flashing, ventilation grates, corrugated sheets, copper and zinc.

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  • The state and preparation of the support surface is extremely important and can influence the coating’s degree of adhesion and useful life.
  •    Make sure the surfaces are structurally sound, clean, free from dust, loose debris, algae, general dirt and standing water.
  •    Repair any cracks, dents and abrasions.
  •    Fill any holes and imperfections with a bitumen mastic.
  •    Affix any loose sheets of asphalt felt with an adhesive. If blisters are noted, we recommend cutting, drying, rejoining and sealing.
  •    Do not use on sheets of extruded polystyrene (XPS) or PVC, nor in areas where that are likely to come into contact with solvents or oils.
  •    Combine with ULTRAFLEX® Matting when repairing large cracks.

Coverage: 1–2 kg per m2.
Cleaning: Clean tools and equipment with white spirits.


RAL: 8004
RAL: 7043


Store unopened in the original packaging and in a cool, dry place at 5–25 °C. Protect from direct sunlight and sources of ignition. Protect from freezing.

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